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An Unexpected Twist!

In an unexpected twist, the U.S. economy is experiencing a positive outcome from increasing mortgage rates.

The Wall Street Journal Reports:

Resurgence in New Home Sales

Recent data from the Commerce Department reveals a noteworthy trend: July saw the sale of approximately 714,000 new homes, a significant increase from June's 684,000 and a notable rise from the 543,000 recorded the previous July. Although still below the booming figures of 1.03 million sales in August 2020, this momentum surpasses the pre-pandemic levels of 683,000 new homes sold in 2019.

Amid Rising Borrowing Costs

Remarkably, this surge in new home sales is occurring against the backdrop of escalating borrowing costs. The Mortgage Bankers Association reported an average 30-year fixed mortgage rate of 7.31%, marking the highest point since December 2000. For context, the rate stood at 5.65% during the same week the previous year, and around 3% two years prior.

Driving Factors Behind the Uptick

The rebound in new home sales can be attributed to a couple of key factors. First, prospective buyers appear to be adapting to the notion of higher interest rates. Secondly, existing homeowners, benefiting from lower mortgage rates, are hesitant to relocate. This reluctance has led to a shortage of available existing homes for sale, which has had a substantial impact on the market.

The National Association of Realtors revealed an unprecedented low of 980,000 existing single-family homes for sale in July, consequently driving up prices.

Stoking Demand for New Homes

The scarcity of existing homes has, in turn, propelled demand for new construction. Despite the recent rate hikes, this demand remains resilient. Even as rates increase, the desire for new homes continues to hold strong.

A Final Perspective

While lower interest rates could certainly invigorate the housing market and bolster the overall economy, the resilience displayed in the face of elevated rates is undeniably impressive. This unexpected positive outcome demonstrates the complex dynamics at play within the realm of real estate.

Content by Remington Crispeno Team Seattle Realtors

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