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Hurry to the Paint Store! I've Got the Color Trends for 2023

Fall is a season of "gathering"--gathering friends, gathering family, gathering fallen leaves, and gathering new interior decor ideas! If the chill in the air signals that it's time to do a little "nesting," I've "gathered" up some color trends for 2023. I'm not sure I'll use them in my own home, but it's fun to consider the possibilities!

Don't be shy--be sure and let me now what you think of the latest design trends.

Let's start with the latest hot fashion color that is predicted to filter into our homes next year. Now unveiling:

Digital Lavender

Joanne Thomas, Head of Content at Coloro provides insight into this unusual color concept: “Digital Lavender will connect us to our wellbeing, offering a sense of stability and balance.” You can check out the full article at _Shift by clicking here.

Autumn Blonde | PANTONE 12-0813

Use this light, creamy neutral in a variety of settings


f you are feeling it's time for a new neutral (bye-bye gray!) Autumn Blonde may be a good option. Autumn Blonde is warm and energetic and makes a beautiful wall color, but it's worth considering for furnishings, wall coverings, and other accessories. Autumn-blonde toned floors may be an excelent option as well.

Strawberry Cream | PANTONE 13-2005

It almost smells delicious!

Strawberry Cream is a delicate charming neutral that is a beautiful wall color. It's also a lovely choice for accessories or furnishings, but as seen in this photo, it's STUNNING in large-scale pieces. Don't be shy--give it a try!

Orange Tiger | PANTONE 16-1358

Pounce on an intense orange

Vibrant and exciting, Orange Tiger is the perfect color for a bit of excitement in home decor. Consider it as an option for "pops" of color. In small or large doses, it's a fabulous statement color.

Cardamon Seed | PANTONE 17-0529

Green, cozy and natural

Bring an earthy warmth to a room with Cardamon Seed. The cozy color can be used in large or small amounts and feels like being wrapped in Nature's Hug!

Take the leap and add a little spark to your home decor with one of these featured colors. Buy a pillow--or paint a wall!

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