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"We're Halfway There and Livin' on Prayer" - Bon Jovi Nails My Thoughts on our 30th Anniversary!

Thirty years ago today was a special day--a celebration, a party and I was very nervous and clueless. What would I go back and tell my younger self on that sunny August day in Polson Montana?

Would I tell him that it would be all exciting, all fun, bliss? On that day I would've guessed that was the program, the plan, how it's supposed to be.

What, has it been for 30 years? It has been lots of fun, some incredible milestones, some very very sad times and pain. It's been watching three amazing children grow, a couple of moves and a few cute pets along the way.

When I tell people what it's like to live with Kim, I tel them she's a joy to live with, very easy, very kind, and that is very true. We've had lot of fun and enjoyed watching our kids grow up, but there's also been very painful times as well that's made us who we are today.

Just like the Bon Jovi song, we're halfway there, and living on a prayer. And Kim, I'm glad, so so glad, I'm walking through life with you.

So what would I tell myself when I was in my mid 20's on August 8, 1992? I would say go for it, you will grow more than you ever expected, you will cry more than you ever expected, and it will be well worth the journey.


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