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John Dabeck - Buyer

C.C. was such a blessing to my wife and I! We made an unexpected cross country move with just a few weeks notice AND a baby on the way. As you can imagine that's a pretty stressful situation to be in! We were so daunted by the market and finding a place to grow our family in an entirely new city, state, and coast!! C.C. took all of that stress away and made the home search and buying experience FUN! Imagine that, FUN amidst such a crazy and stressful time! He answered any and all questions so quickly and had the best connections in the city for financing, moving, renovating, and connecting to the community. I cannot recommend him more...if you want a stress free, fun, and joyful home buying experience choose C.C.!!

Content by Remington Crispeno Team Seattle Realtors

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