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Get Up to Speed! Buy, Sell, Invest & Rest

As usual, Carmen enjoyed being a guest with Chris Davies on Street Talk Radio. Here are a few takeaways from the July 31 show, but be sure to click the button at the end of the post for all the details. Just pop in your earbuds and enjoy!

•According to Redfin, people are looking to move, particularly from the coastal cities, of Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York. And guess where they are looking to move? The top four searches are Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tampa, and Orlando. Apparently, hot weather is not a deterrent!

•Speaking of weather, did you know that Carmen wanted to be a weatherman? Better listen up! He knows his temperatures!

•The Fed raised interest rates .25% which was expected. But the comments after the meeting were important as the Fed is expecting to hold rates.

•Curb Appeal: Remember that the first thing buyers see when they drive up to a listing is its condition. Can they see themselves living there? A well-maintained home with fresh paint and well-maintained landscaping is far more appealing to a buyer. They call it Curb Appeal for a reason.

•There is a perception that the resale home market is stalling. The truth is, it’s moving along well in the Pacific Northwest. We are still experiencing limited inventory (around a month.)

•Keep an eye out for buy-down loan opportunities or consider refinancing later when (if) rates drop.

•Bottom line: Whatever you think you know, you don’t know.

Check out the entire broadcast for the whole story!


Content by Remington Crispeno Team Seattle Realtors

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