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It's My 25th Anniversary--in Real Estate, That is!

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It's time to dust off the old business cards, bake a cake and reminisce because it's time to celebrate my Silver Anniversary in Real Estate!

I realized that I haven't shared much about how I got into real estate. It's actually a pretty fun story filled with hard work and a good slice of luck.

In 1997, I made the call from New Jersey to Dustin Remington, one of my closest friends from college who still lived in the Seattle area. I called with a simple request to circulate my resume to good prospects (we didn’t have the internet for job hunting back then).

His answer surprised me!

He said no, he would not circulate my resume but he had more real estate business than he could handle and he’d love to have me come on board and work with him. And so the story goes, The Remington Team launched in 1998. Aside from marrying Kimberly A Crispeno 😉, it's the best decision I’ve ever made.

Thousands of deals later, I marvel at the fact of how much I still love helping people find a home. Please feel free to contact me to find your dream home or to share your own story of how you got where you are. Sometimes our paths are unexpected and the twists and turns of life can land us exactly where we need to be!

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