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HGTV's Color of the Year is Persimmon: Not Just a Tasty Fruit!

a photo of persimmons

Every year, HGTV unveils a Color of the Year that sets the tone for design trends and inspires homeowners to infuse fresh energy into their living spaces. In 2024, the spotlight is on Persimmon – a bold and lively hue that brings warmth and vibrancy.


 If you're looking to revitalize your home, here's a guide on how to embrace the lively charm of Persimmon in various areas. And you can check out the use of Persimmon in HGTV’s dream home here!

Let's Get Started!

front door colored with persimmon

Create an Inviting Entrance: Start by making a statement at the entrance of your home. A Persimmon-colored front door not only adds curb appeal but also sets a welcoming tone. Pair it with neutral exterior tones to let the vibrant shade shine.


Accent Walls for Drama: If you're hesitant to go all-in with Persimmon, consider creating an accent wall. This powerful color can transform a room instantly. Choose a wall that draws attention, such as the one behind your bed or the living room focal point.


persimmon colored chairs

Persimmon Pops in Furniture: Inject vitality into your living room or bedroom with Persimmon-colored furniture. A bold sofa, accent chairs, or even a statement coffee table can add a playful touch to the space. Balance it with neutral walls and accessories for a harmonious look.


Energize the Kitchen: Incorporate Persimmon into the heart of your home – the kitchen. This could be through kitchen cabinets, bar stools, or even small appliances. The vibrancy of Persimmon pairs exceptionally well with modern or white kitchen settings.

persimmon colored accents in a living room

Lively Accents: For a more subtle approach, infuse Persimmon through accessories. Throw pillows, rugs, and wall art in this lively hue can breathe life into a neutral space. It's an ideal way to experiment without committing to a larger color scheme.


Persimmon in the Bedroom: Create a cozy and energizing atmosphere in your bedroom with Persimmon-colored bedding, throws, or curtains. This warm shade adds a touch of romance and sophistication to the space.


Outdoor Oasis: Extend the lively vibes to your outdoor spaces. Persimmon-colored patio furniture, cushions, or even an umbrella can transform your backyard into a vibrant retreat for relaxation and entertaining.


Combine with Complementary Colors: Pair Persimmon with complementary colors to enhance its visual appeal. Navy blue, teal, or charcoal gray can create a stunning contrast, while softer shades like cream or light gray can offer balance.


The Takeaway


Embracing HGTV's Color of the Year, Persimmon, is all about injecting vibrancy and joy into your living spaces. Whether you choose to go big with accent walls or opt for smaller, curated touches, this lively hue is sure to infuse your home with warmth and personality. Experiment, have fun, and let Persimmon be the star of your design journey in 2024.


Content by Remington Crispeno Team Seattle Realtors

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