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Pie Palooza: Washington's Favorite Thanksgiving Pie

Graphic with a pumpkin pie

Are you curious which type of pie Americans are seeking out this Thanksgiving? Well, Google's "most searched" Thanksgiving pies reveals some fun and tasty information about the most popular pie in each state!

Curious what is most popular in the state Washington? Well, I’ve got the answer, but first let’s learn a little bit about the history of Thanksgiving pies!

image with an apple pie

Thanksgiving's approach heralds not only the promise of a grand feast but also the timeless tradition of pies—a sweet heart of gratitude and indulgence woven into the fabric of our celebrations. With origins tracing back to early civilizations, pies evolved from simple crusts in Egypt and Greece to culinary works of art in the hands of the Romans, who introduced diverse fillings.

Fast forward to medieval Europe, where pies transformed into vessels for both sweet and savory delights. When European settlers brought this tradition to the New World, pies adapted to reflect locally available ingredients. While pumpkin pie now symbolizes Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims and Native Americans likely savored an array of savory pies during their inaugural feast.

The 19th century saw Thanksgiving become a national holiday, firmly establishing pies as a centerpiece of the celebratory meal. Ready-made crusts and canned fillings made pie-making accessible, contributing to the widespread tradition of baking pies for Thanksgiving. As we gather around the table, each slice becomes not just a culinary creation but a continuation of a centuries-old tradition—a delicious thread seamlessly woven into the fabric of our celebrations.

And now, I’ll reveal the most-searched pie in Washington for Thanksgiving: Blackberry! If you’d like to add a delicious Blackberry pie to your Thanksgiving pie repertoire, check out his great recipe. And feel free to drop a piece off at my house!

Happy Thanksgiving to my clients and friends!


Content by Remington Crispeno Team Seattle Realtors

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