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Seattle's Best Ice Cream! Check Out the Local Winners!

I love summer in Seattle for a lot of reasons (among them: picnics, ocean visits, and family barbecues) but let’s not forget the most delicious of them all: ice cream!

There’s still plenty of time to indulge in everyone’s favorite dessert: Ice cream! And we have plenty of options to enjoy right in our own backyard. Thrillist, an online lifestyle site, recently released a list of the Top 40 Ice Cream Parlors in America and a Seattle ice cream parlor made the list!

Now, before I reveal Thrillist’s selection (do you think you already know the answer?) let’s take a look at a couple of great ice cream shops (but not the winner!) that are certainly NOT your “mother’s traditional ice creamery!”

Georgetown Specializing in Taiyaki ice cream (the Japanese tradition of cones shaped like fried fish!) Matcha Man Ice Cream should definitely be on your must-taste list! Although Matcha feels like the most obvious flavor to try, folks are pretty enamored with Honey Lavender, Pineapple Dole Whip, Ube, and Cereal Milk.

Wallingford The Indigo Cow was the country's first-ever Hokkaido milk soft serve shop when it opened back in 2021. Made from fresh milk sourced from the island of Hokkaido, this soft cream delight comes in both sweet and savory flavors, such Black Sesame, Ceremonial Matcha, Yaki-Imo, Kabocha Honey, and Mochi. It’s definitely worth the visit!

And now for Thrillist’s number one pick. Do you think you already guessed it?

Seattle, Washington

At Frankie & Jo’s not only is the ice cream delicious, you can pretend it’s a health food. This plant-based ice cream shop uses great buzz-worthy ingredients like turmeric, activated charcoal, chaga mushroom powder and ashwagndha (whatever that is!) But even if I don’t understand all the ingredients, I understand the result! You’ll love the creamy texture—thanks to the cashew and coconut milks—and I promise you won’t even miss the dairy.

The flavors are clever AND delicious. Favorites include Chocolate Tahini Supercookie and Frankie’s Brown Sugar Vanilla!


The youngest advises trying any of the seasonal special flavors which currently include pickled blueberry, strawberry tomato and summer sundae.

My daughter’s refined palate suggests mint brownie!

I’ll meet you there. And I’ll even buy you a scoop.

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