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Should Inflation Be a Reason to Pause My Home Search?

If you’ve been to the grocery store lately you're probably feeling the impact of high inflation every day on the prices of groceries, gas, and other items. If you are a renter, you're likely experiencing the effects even more with regular rent increases. With these elevated costs and uncertainty, you might be questioning whether it's still a good idea to buy a home at this time.

The simple answer is: It is. Here's why.

Owning a home provides a shield against the rising costs of inflation. When you own a home, you have more control over your housing expenses. While property taxes and insurance may increase over time, the primary cost of homeownership—the mortgage payment—is fixed if you have a fixed-rate mortgage--for the lifetime of the loan. This means that even as inflation pushes up prices in other areas, your monthly housing costs remain stable. This stability allows you to better manage your budget and allocate your resources.

Furthermore, buying a home allows you to build equity. As you make mortgage payments, you are gradually paying down the principal balance of your loan, which increases your ownership stake in the property. Over time, as home values typically appreciate, you can build wealth through homeownership. This can provide a valuable financial cushion and potential for future investment.

In contrast, renting often means being at the mercy of market forces and the landlord's decisions. Rental prices tend to rise in response to inflation, as landlords seek to cover their own increasing costs. This can result in a situation where a significant portion of your income goes towards rent, leaving less room for savings or other financial goals.

While it's true that there may be uncertainty surrounding the economy, historical data shows that homeownership has been a sound long-term investment. Real estate has proven to be a resilient asset class that can weather economic fluctuations and provides a solid foundation for financial stability.

Here’s the Takeaway

Ultimately, buying a home today can offer protection against the impact of inflation and provide a sense of security in an uncertain economic climate. By locking in a fixed-rate mortgage, you can shield yourself from rising housing costs and have the opportunity to build equity over time. Consider the benefits of homeownership and evaluate your own financial situation to determine if it makes sense for you.

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Content by Remington Crispeno Team Seattle Realtors

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